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Lemken TriMix cultivating paws
Lemken TriMix - a special form of cultivating paws, which carry out continuous tillage and lay the fall and the organic mass shallow in the soil. TriMix having a shape with curved guiding plates on on..
Claas presented special tractor models
Claas has presented two jubilee models that have been created in honor of over 150,000 tractors since the Renault brand in 2003.This is reported by profi.co.uk.The two Axion 870 models (295 hp maximum..
Sowing 2019: Technique in alert
Farmers are already preparing agricultural equipment and are entering the fields for sowing the 2019 crop. As of March 11, farmers of 11 oblasts of Ukraine planted 159 thousand hectares or 7% of the ..
New Holland has released a new tractor for handling hilly areas
The global brand company New Holland has provided the user with a new series of tracked tractor TK4. Its unique function is that it moves easily on hilly and sloping fields. In order for the farmer..